First Love Yourself


Meet First Love Yourself


First Love Yourself is an innovative fashion brand which offers unique style that is inclusive, subtly engaging, expressive, and sustainable. Inspired by the idea of unapologetically embracing and loving ourselves for all that we have been born to be, First Love Yourself is a lifestyle brand created to welcome all people.

Founded by Evan Odeseye, our goal is to bridge the gap between edgy street style and classic high-end fashion, in a way that remains loyal to our diverse culture, and embracive of all forms of self-expression. First Love Yourself prides itself on consistently delivering elegant design, simultaneous attention to detail and simplicity, and all-around quality fashion pieces that are suitable to everyone. More than just a fashion line, First Love Yourself sets itself apart from other brands as it encourages people to first discover love, care, and respect within themselves, and then allow that self-love to illuminate through powerful fashion statements. 

 First Love Yourself is composed of inspirational designs that come alive through various exclusive fabrics, stitched together with compassion to deliver a nonchalant style and confidence that demands attention. The message behind our brand serves as ongoing motivation to actively evolve our approach to our consumers by creating attire that is comparable to our biggest competitors, yet distinguished by our unmatched devotion to individuality and freedom of self expression. Evan Odeseye is humbled by the support he has received with First Love Yourself, and proud to develop a fashion line dedicated to being defined by the people who embody our clothing, and not vice Versa.

First Love Yourself is prepared to take the fashion world by storm with specially delicate designs that are eye-catching and classic, identify with people from all walks of life, and continuously empower them with stylish apparel to confidently express, embody, and love who they are.