First Love Yourself


Meet First Love Yourself

Born in Staten Island and raised by the five boroughs. First Love Yourself™ started as a thought and has grown into a passion. Living in New York City his entire life, Evan Odeseye had the advantage of experiencing a mixture of cultures all at once from the city streets around him. Evan’s effortless style has always manifested itself in his everyday life. He navigates the path between street and designer fashion. 

Making the price point competitive yet attainable, First Love Yourself™  always sets itself apart in the design, attention to detail, and the quality of fabric.  It is difficult to provide a product whose quality and style is on par with its designer counterparts yet offered at a fraction of the cost, but we welcome the challenge. At First Love Yourself™, we focus on simplicity and minor details in order to set us apart from other brands. First Love Yourself™ is a way of thinking, a concept, and a passion fueled by the expression of oneself with the respect to the tradition of fashion.

Evan Odeseye's message is to be who you are by first loving yourself. "If there’s anything that I would like to be remembered for, it’s for inspiring a modern, creative brand that pushes to grant individuals true freedom—the type of freedom America has been marketing since its inception."